Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is PRP?
PRP Stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which is an emerging biologic tool in orthopedic and regenerative medicine. It is obtained by concentrating the platelets in a patient’s blood. Read more about the PRP process and uses here.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
2. Is PRP a treatment that can help me?

Platelet Rich Plasma can be used to treat tendons, ligaments, muscle tears, and joint pain along with a variety of other painful musculoskeletal conditions. The doctors at Houston Spine & Sports Medicine can evaluate you to find out if you are a candidate for PRP.

3. How many treatments will I need?

This is dependent upon your condition. Dr. Lehmann or Dr. Fandrich will need to evaluate you and customize a treatment plan according to your needs.

4. Is PRP performed under anesthesia?

At Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, Platelet Rich Plasma is used to treat Musculoskeletal pain and is an outpatient procedure. Lidocaine is used during the procedure to help with pain, but the patient is not under general anesthesia.

5. Will I need someone to drive me home after treatment?

Since you will have your blood drawn for the procedure, as a precaution we advise that you do have someone with you to drive you home afterward.

6. Is PRP covered by Insurance?

At this time, PRP is not covered by insurance. However, the procedure is affordable and payment plans can be arranged.

7. What should I do to prepare for the treatment?

Due to the amount of blood that will be drawn, please drink plenty of fluids the night before and stay hydrated in the hours leading up to your procedure. The physician may also instruct each patient individually on any other precautions they should take on a case-by-case basis.